Sour Soup Special

This soup gives its consumer acid resistance. But first you have to survive!

INKTOBER DAY 11 (SOUR): The Sour Soup Special is a form of lethal bait that the ruthless serve to monsters, or to their enemies!

The Sour Soup Special was first cooked in a vegetarian restaurant’s wash pit. This dish is a reddish sourdough borscht mixed with rhubarb, pickled veggies and chickpeas. It’s marinated in vinegar, sulfur dioxide and sulfuric acid. A sorrel garnish is added on top, and it’s often served with salted sourdough bread.

After the first swallow, this acidic course usually ulcerates the stomach and and causes heavy internal wounds. Even its sour odor can degenerate the central nervous system, delaying reflexes and depleting strength.

Legend says diners who survive a bowl of this stuff gain acid resistance. Still, you won’t want this for home cooking!

The Sour Soup Special is derived from the חמץ shoresh root and broader family, which deals with sourness, sour soup, acids, oxides, pickles, veggies, chickpeas, rhubarb, vinegar, wounding, degeneration, delays and more.

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