General’s Epaulets report for duty

The general's epaulets give expertise and authority to the wearer.

The general’s epaulets are worn by the head honchos of the ‘Ivrit Revival Movement. They give expertise and authority to the wearer, but are rare to find! Will the Holy Tongue Society be able to dig some up in the Ulpan?

This artifact is based on the אלף and כתף shoresh roots. The first root is based on training (including generals), and the other is based on shoulders.

The following stats below are for the beta of the Milhamah RPG:

General’s epaulets

Size: Small
Weight: Very Light
Worn: Torso
Stat adjustments: DOM +1D, WIS +2D
While worn, the user gains the Intimidation skill at +1D as well as the Tactics skill at +2D.

Alp (Inktober Day 23)

Alp represents the letter Alef.

Alp, the guardian representative of the letter alef (א), is an ox whom Adam named and befriended in the beginning. As one of the 22 Otiyot, he broke his yoke to become a miraculous champion, a military general and a coach.

Alp’s abilities are based on the אלף shoresh root and family. He can easily learn his enemies’ skills and how to counter them. He also can shroud himself in darkness and can astonish the masses with God-given miracles.

Today Alp’s whereabouts are unknown, but rumor has it that his ancient teachings were preserved and passed down. Look forward to seeing more of Alp when the “Milhamah: Fighting Words” comic resumes!