Rich Refreshment Platter

Rich Refreshment Platter © Aksanyah Studios

The Rich Refreshment Platter is an opulent tray that is surrounded by palm branches and served at wealthy parties along the Nidbakh Border of Mattanah City.

From heart-shaped, rich dough pastries to liver pâté and foie gras, abundant delights await honored guests. Be careful not to eat too much though – the treats are heavy on the stomach!

  • Type: Consumable, Food
  • Shoresh family: בדכ
  • Found: Medinat Alef (Mattanah City/outskirts)
  • Effect: PEA+1R, BLE +1R, Slow (Battle duration)
  • Tags: Food


ハート型の濃厚な生地のペストリーから、レバーのパテやフォアグラまで、豊富な料理がゲストをお待ちしています。 ただし、食べ過ぎにはご注意ください – ご馳走は胃に重いです!