Syntax Tree Taḥbir (Inktober Day 21)

Syntax Tree Taḥbir offers forbidden fruit.

Syntax Tree Taḥbir stands in a primordial semantic field. And like the biblical Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, could this be the root of all evil in “Milhamah: Fighting Words”?

Based on the חבר shoresh root and its family, Taḥbir is a dried-out carob tree that is covered with voting ballots arranged into parse tree patterns. Destruction hangs over this tree, as blood smears its branches, and multiple swords stab into its trunk. In addition, infected lesions fester the trunk, including several that have clustered into a star.

And worst of all, a suspicious striped snake hangs on this sinful tree, guarding a forbidden magic carob fruit. Keep Adam far away!

What other secrets does Syntax Tree Taḥbir hold? Find out more in the next “Milhamah” comic update!