Zafar Zarf (Inktober Day 9)

Ẓafar Ẓarf is the adverb.

Ẓafar Ẓarf is the adverb in “Milhamah: Fighting Words.”

(Ẓarf is different from the franchise other parts of speech characters. He’s the only main one who is based on an Arabic word and shoresh root, ظرف. In Hebrew the word for adverb is Teür, which is very similar to the word for adjective, Toär and wouldn’t have been as interesting.)

Anyway, Ẓarf’s nature comes from both his Arabic shoresh family and the transliterated Hebrew version, פצר. His body is a biomechanical construct that resembles molten metal, and he boasts his amalgamated identity with the puzzle tattoo on his chest . He also has the power of birds, allowing him to fly with metallic wings and slash enemies with razor talons. He can also make a bird call that’s as loud as a siren.

Ẓarf has a checkered past. He loves to craft jewelry, and he burglarizes his materials from Bavel’s suppliers, storing them in the bottomless containers he totes around. (Just don’t dare mock his man purse! ) He can break into and escape almost any confined space with his giant file weapon.

However, Ẓarf is no brute. He is known to be ingenious, polite and charming. And on top of that, he dreams of forming a rebellion that conquers and overthrows the Bavel Macrostructure.

Eventually Ẓarf will meet the Holy Tongue Society. But will they combine their efforts, and will the Society become the crucible that refines his rebellious nature?