Bat Qol

A Bat Qol uses a tuning fork.

A Bat Qol (Literally “daughter of a voice” in Hebrew) is a spirit-based kind that many Avgad residents believe is a heavenly voice brought to life.

Resembling a sound angel, Bat Qol spread prophecies and revelation, and they excel at music and oratory. Before the rise of Bavel’s censorship regime, they were prominent in the religious, cultural, media and entertainment spheres.

While some have since defected to Bavel to spread rumors and false reports, most are good spirits. They are famous for their strong emotions, such as shouting for joy or crying. As warriors, they wield tuning fork weapons and deafen enemies with thunderclaps.

The Bat Qol gets her power through the קול shoresh root, which governs sound, voices, tuning forks, noise, thunder, reports and rumors.