Qoren Maqor

Qoren Maqor/Sarṭan ©Aksanyah Studios

  • Shoresh family: וקר
  • Kind: Ben-Adam Gender: Masculine
  • Drive: Work Habitat: Qir Evacuated Pit Town
  • Liability Points: 6DN or 21
  • Attributes: DOM 2 VIG 4 GRA 1 CRE 4 WIS 2 PEA 1 BLE 2
  • Tags: Void, Earth, Barrier, Cut, Water
  • Basic attacks: Rock Chisel Sword, Brick Wall Shield, Black Hole, Water Jet
  • Description: As the infinitive, once produced the bitumen for Bavel’s famous tower. Now he helps the Holy Tongue Society by sharing his secret knowledge of Bavel’s building blueprints.(不定詞のコレン・マコルは、かつてバベルの有名な塔のためにビチューメンを生産していました。現在は、バベルの建物の設計図に関する秘密の知識を共有することで、聖舌協会を支援しています。マコルの腹部腔は、物体を吸引するような虚空のようなブラックホールであり、彼は噴水のように水の噴射を出すことができ、岩の鑿で作られた剣があります。さらに、とレンガの壁でできた盾を振るうこともできます。)

Millah Millit

Millah Millit ©Aksanyah Studios

  • Shoresh family: ללמ
  • Kind: Ben-Adam Gender: Feminine
  • Drive: Excitement Habitat: Medinat Kaf
  • Liability Points: 2DN or 8
  • Attributes: DOM 1 VIG 1 GRA 4 CRE 2 WIS 0 PEA 4 BLE 2
  • Tags: Speech, Cut, Crush, Neuter, Friction, (anti-)Plant
  • Basic attacks: Crushing Boots, Marginal Knife
  • Description: Represents the particle among the parts of speech in the Holy Tongue Society. She’s innocent, naive and likes to dress like a frilly magical girl —while wielding a giant knife that imposes critical damage on men. Millah is a girl of many words who stirs up trouble wherever she goes. She loves flowers, but plants wilt at her touch. And her boots are made for crushing. She also has a talking dumpling as a sidekick!


NOTE: I sketched Millah Millit four years ago but never turned her into a digital piece. I thought she deserved a redraw and an improved update!

Reshef Mispar

Reshef Mispar ©Aksanyah Studios

  • Shoresh family: ספר
  • Drive: Truth, Order Habitat: Sifriyyah
  • Liability Points: 2DN or 10
  • Attributes: DOM 1 VIG GRA 0 CRE 3 WIS 5 PEA 2 BLE 3
  • Tags: Ben-Adam, Cut, Earth, Education, Math, Mind
  • Basic attacks: Sapphire Shears
  • Description: As the numeral of the Holy Tongue Society, Mispar is an expert scholar at digital attacks. He lugs a heavy bookbag full of reference texts and attacks with giant sapphire shears! (聖舌協会の数字のリレシェフ・ミスパーは、デジタル攻撃のエキスパート学者です。彼は参照テキストでいっぱいの重いブックバッグを引っ張り、巨大なサファイアのはさみで攻撃します!)



Shelomoh Mashlim

Shelomoh Mashlim ©Aksanyah Studios

  • Shoresh family: למש
  • Drive: Peace, Justice Habitat: Yerushalayim
  • Liability Points: 2DN or 11
  • Attributes: DOM 0 VIG 1 GRA 4 CRE WIS 2 PEA 5 BLE 2
  • Tags: Ben-Adam, Administration, Business, Light, Performing, Justice
  • Basic attacks:
  • Description: Shelomoh Mashlim the complementizer is a peaceful soul who strives to be a perfect pay clerk in Bavel’s bureaucracy. But when internal corruption hurts the innocent, Mashlim longs for the Holy Tongue Society to form a new government and mete out payback. His powers include a dazzling opal glow, high willpower against mental and spiritual attacks, and bardic poetry that calms enemy aggression.


Forgotten Men

You won't remember the Forgotten Men.

INKTOBER DAY 12 (FORGET): The Forgotten Men are envoys of the Bavel Macrostructure’s Sons of Darkness. Masters of deception and contradiction, they fight to protect Bavel’s lies and never disappoint. They assist the regime’s black ops, and their camera obscuras delete evidence at the scene and fabricate lies.

Frail and lean, they act reserved and restrained. But when attacking, their aura of sin and evil absorbs an target’s energy, lowers brain frequencies and causes amnesia. They force enemies to deny their most deeply held beliefs. Then they muzzle witnesses and render them speechless.

Some people think that the Forgotten Men only pretend to be obedient to the regime. Still, they bring calamity and oblivion wherever they go. Bargain for your life if you ever see one.

  • Shoresh family: חכש
  • Habitats: Medinat Resh, Nocturnal, Cities, Anywhere
  • Attributes: DOM 4R, VIG 2R, GRA 5R, CRE 3R, WIS 5R, PEA 5R, BLE 5R
  • Tags: Ben Adam, Forgetting, Darkness, Deceiving, Sin, Self-control

インクトーバー 12 日目 (忘れる): 忘れられた男たちは、バベルマクロ構造の闇の子等の特使です。 欺瞞と矛盾の達人である彼らは、バベルの嘘を守るために戦い、決して失望させません。 彼らは政権の秘密工作を支援し、彼らのカメラ オブスキュラは現場で証拠を削除し、嘘をでっち上げます。

虚弱でやせており、控えめで抑制された行動をとります。 しかし、攻撃すると、罪と悪のオーラがターゲットのエネルギーを吸収し、脳波を低下させ、記憶喪失を引き起こします。 彼らは、敵に彼らの最も深く保持されている信念を否定するように強制します。 それから彼らは目撃者に口輪をはめ、言葉をなくします。

忘れられた男たちは政権に従順なふりをしているだけだと考える人もいます。 それでも、彼らはどこへ行っても災難と忘却をもたらします。 見かけたら命を乞って。