Shelomoh Mashlim

Shelomoh Mashlim ©Aksanyah Studios

  • Shoresh family: למש
  • Drive: Peace, Justice Habitat: Yerushalayim
  • Liability Points: 2DN or 11
  • Attributes: DOM 0 VIG 1 GRA 4 CRE WIS 2 PEA 5 BLE 2
  • Tags: Ben-Adam, Administration, Business, Light, Performing, Justice
  • Basic attacks:
  • Description: Shelomoh Mashlim the complementizer is a peaceful soul who strives to be a perfect pay clerk in Bavel’s bureaucracy. But when internal corruption hurts the innocent, Mashlim longs for the Holy Tongue Society to form a new government and mete out payback. His powers include a dazzling opal glow, high willpower against mental and spiritual attacks, and bardic poetry that calms enemy aggression.


‘Ashan Smoking Bluff

'Ashan Smoking Bluff

INKTOBER DAY 20 (BLUFF): The ‘Ashan Smoking Bluff is a shady place, both literally and figuratively.

Chimneys stick out of this buttressed bluff, belching out thick, sooty smoke that blocks out the sun. That’s because it contains a hidden underground factory for herbal cigarettes. And the factory gets rich off a support staff of prisoners, who keep the conveyor belts running smoothly.

  • Shoresh family: נעש
  • Region: Bavel territory between Medinat Ḥet, Medinat Yod and Medinat Resh
  • Habitat: Mountain, Coast, Building, Factory, Underground
  • Tags: Tobacco, Burning, POW, Shadow, Business, Transport

インクトーバー 20 日目 (断崖): アシャン喫煙の断崖は、陰湿な場所です。

煙突は、このバットレスされた断崖から突き出ており、太陽を遮る厚い煙とすすを吐き出しています。 断崖には、ハーブタバコの秘密の地下工場があります。 工場は、コンベアをスムーズに動かし続ける囚人のサポートスタッフから金持ちになります。