Jacked Nest

Electric Nest is dangerous to birds!

INKTOBER DAY 9 (NEST): The Jacked Nest is a sentient jumble of tangled cords that disguises itself as a bird nest. In reality, it’s an avian death chamber that jolts its unsuspecting prey into a burnt offering, and then converts the corpses into energy via the cord jacks. The nest’s electric hum sounds like a dirge.

  • Shoresh family: ננק
  • Attributes: DOM 1R, VIG 1R, GRA 1R, CRE 2R, WIS 2R, PEA 3R, BLE 2R
  • Habitat: Medinat Ṿaṿ, Cities
  • Tags: Home, Fastening, Construct, Electric, Sacrifice, Cry

インクトーバー 9 日目 (巣): コードジャックは、鳥の巣に変装する、絡み合った有情のコードの寄せ集めです。 実際には、鳥類の死の部屋のようです。無防備な獲物を焼いた供物に感電死し、コードジャックで死体をエネルギーに変換する。巣の電気のブーンは哀歌のように聞こえます。


Bishop Courier

The Bishop Courier zig-zags while carrying secret messages.

INKTOBER DAY 2 (SCURRY): The Bishop Courier is a sentient chess piece that hastily relays secret messages to and from spies throughout the Bavel Macrostructure’s territory. It can zig-zag on a dime while sprinting, and it keeps enemies in “check” by swarming them from multiple angles. 

  • Shoresh family: וצר
  • Habitat: Medinat Taṿ area, roads
  • Tags: Game, Carry, Run, Construct, Progress, Rapid

インクトーバー 2 日目 (スカリー): ビショップ・クーリエは知性を持ったチェスの駒で、バベルマクロ構造の領域全体でスパイとの間で秘密のメッセージを急いで持っていきます。 スプリント中にジグザグに移動することができ、複数の角度から群がって敵を「チェック」します。

Inktober Day 1: Falsetto Gargoyle

The Falsetto Gargoyle sings off-key perverted ballads.

The Falsetto Gargoyle is a rejected idol statue who was chiseled out of the side of a mug filled with human waste and spoiled garbage. It smoothly and evenly hovers above ground. Then it blasts enemies with the distortion caused by singing off-key perverted ballads.

Its own singing causes damage to itself, causing the mug to chip over the years. But the noise does help a birthwort plant grow out of it.

  • Shoresh family: לספ
  • Habitat: Medinat Taṿ region, strongholds
  • Tags: Plant, Utensil, Sing, Sin, Idol, Construct

インクトーバー 1 日目 (ガーゴイル): ファルセット・ ガーゴイルは、人間の排泄物と腐ったゴミで満たされたマグカップの側面から彫り出された、拒絶された偶像です。 スムーズに地上にホバリングします。 次に、音痴のエロなバラードを歌うことによって引き起こされる音の歪みで敵を爆破します。 その歌は自身にダメージを与え、年月を経てマグカップがだんだん壊れていきます。しかし、騒音は、ウマノスズクサの植物がそこから成長するのを助けます.

Growing Excrescence remains at large

Excrescence is a coagulated tumor.

The Growing Excrescence may look like a terrifying teratoma, and that realization will only grow on you over time!

This coagulated glob of skin, braided hair and more has the tumorlike power to enlarge itself several times over, crushing obstacles in its path as it bounds around. It tends to guard areas Beli Ya’al wants protected, including areas around the Migdal Bavel tower as well as the Ilan Tree.

The Growing Excrescence is largely based on the גדל shoresh root, dealing with growth and magnification. Fight it yourself in Milhamah RPG, or eventually in the Milhamah video game!

Milhamah RPG stats

Shoresh: גדל
Gematria: 37
Type: Abomination
Rarity: Silver or Onyx
Size: Large
Liability Points: (4DN * 2) or 24
Merit Points: 2
Law Points: 0
Stats: DOM 4D, VIG 3D, GRA 1D, CRE 1D, WIS 1D, PEA 3D, BLE 1D
Skills: None
Domain Tags: Growth, Disease
Standard Equipment:
Habitat: Migdal Bavel, Ilan Tree, Bavel strongholds
Personality: Bounds aimlessly, either by itself or in small clusters.  (For number, may roll 3DN, pick lowest number. Wild = 1)

Basic Attacks:

  • Braided Hair (גדל): Qal stance, Whiplike hair lashes at the target.
    • To Hit: DOM at close range.
    • Damage: Success Margin +0D bashing or slashing damage. (User’s pick)

Speech Acts:

  • Eminent Expansion (גדל): Qal stance, Grows in size by three to seven times. Becomes heavier, stronger and more durable.
    • The Norm: On average, this speech act has a cost of 1 MP, takes one item with relevant semantic domains to prepare, takes 30 seconds to do and covers the user’s self. It lasts 3 minutes.
    • Noncombat To Hit: Roll VIG for expert (4S) base difficulty.
      • If success: Increase Size by 1 rank, +1D VIG, +1D DOM, +1 Armor
      • On natural success: Increase Size by 2 ranks, +3D VIG, +3D DOM, +2 Armor
      • If failure: Nothing happens, or the user grows a tiny bit and then shrinks back to normal. On botch, the user may shrink: Decrease Size by 1 rank, -1D VIG, -1D DOM, -1 Armor (if user has Armor)

The Idol Oak demands worship

The Idol Oak demands worship.

The Idol Oak is a gnarled, withered husk of wood that demands worship and submission from the ‘Ivrit Revival Movement. This enemy most frequently dwells in the Ilan forest, but sprouts near the Ulpan when the Bavel Macrostructure tries to invade it.

While the creature is as dumb as a stump, its spiritual abilities come from the Kena’ani masks that surround it, as well as an old Edomi idol that dwells within and gives it life. The Idol Oak is frequently the subject of nature worship among the nations.

Like the Battering Ram and the Dumbkuchen, the Idol Oak is based on the אול shoresh root. This character takes inspiration from the root’s ties to trees, oaks, stupidity, wickedness and idolatry. Look forward to seeing this monster in the Milhamah RPG and video game!

Milhamah RPG stats

Shoresh: אול
Gematria: 37
Type: Plant, construct
Size: Medium
Domains: Ilan Tree, Ulpan Academy, Ketef Hinnom, forests, temples

Liability Points: 3DN or 11
Merit Points: 0
Law Points: -3 (Evil)

Abilities: Thick Thicket (Pi): Attacks with VIG+1D; opponent must defend with WIS. Causes confusion on critical hit.
Equipment: None
Loot: Oak wood