Entrenched Fossil Toad

Entrenched Fossil Toad ©Aksanyah Studios

  • Shoresh family:חפר
  • Drive: Fear Habitat: Ḥafir Dry Moat
  • Liability Points: 2DN or 9
  • Attributes: DOM 0 VIG 2 GRA 1 CRE 1 WIS 1 PEA 2 BLE 0
  • Tags: Undead, Creep, Earth, Cut, Fear, Stealth
  • Basic attacks: Mattock Blades
  • Description: A spadefoot toad that dug itself so deep underground during winter hibernation that it turned to stone. Now it hides itself out of shame. While made of rock, the toad’s limbs have sharp mattock blades that can cut through the earth. (埋没化石ヒキガエルは、冬眠中に地下深く掘り進んでしまい、石に変わってしまったスペードフットヒキガエルです。今では恥ずかしさから身を隠しています。岩でできているが、このヒキガエルの四肢には土を切り裂くマトックの刃がついています。)