Tannin Statistician

The Statistical Sea Serpent is far from average!

The Tannin Statistician is far from average!

This nerdy dragon has an odd eye for data, order and analysis, despite being a serpentine ancestor of Leviathan (Livyatan), Tiamat and other chaotic sea monsters. Even as a monster, this crocodilian calculator isn’t very mean. He often surrenders his lunch money and other valuables to the bully monsters.

The Tannin Statistician is powered by the תנן shoresh root and family, which deals with crocodiles, sea monsters, jackals, data, giving, surrendering and more.

Inktober 14: Dough Tick

The Dough Tick gorges on batter.

INKTOBER DAY 14 (TICK): The Dough Tick’s philosophy is: Fake it till you bake it!

This bitty bug gorges herself on batter, not blood. She aspires to be a baker but always comes short, mostly because no one wants to buy bread from a diseased parasite.

Regardless, she defies depression every day at sunrise to reap wheat with her malfunctioning electric reaper scythe. While holding a digest of baking recipes, she prepares a batch of dough. But when she cuts out the pieces with her pincers, she infects the batch, turning it into a shambling zombie effigy.

Since she only communicates through winking, blinking and gestures, any attempt to command them to “rise up” have so far been half-baked.

The Dough tick is powered by the קרץ shoresh root and family, which governs ticks, dough, winking, shortness, reaping, annotated digests and more.

Remes (Inktober Day 27)

The Serenading Lizard is a creeper.

The Remes is a type of serenading lizard who harasses the locals in the capital city of ‘Ir Risshum. This nocturnal creature is a creeper. With its guitar and karaoke boombox, it stands outside homes (usually belonging to beautiful women) and screeches until the wee morning hours. Worse yet, swarms of these reptiles often gather to compete for mates and sing the loudest. Naturally, it isn’t long before the city’s night watchguards get an earful of complaints.

This character is based off the רמש shoresh root (ignoring shin and sin distinctions), which deals with reptiles and evening.