Qoren Maqor

Qoren Maqor/Sarṭan ©Aksanyah Studios

  • Shoresh family: וקר
  • Kind: Ben-Adam Gender: Masculine
  • Drive: Work Habitat: Qir Evacuated Pit Town
  • Liability Points: 6DN or 21
  • Attributes: DOM 2 VIG 4 GRA 1 CRE 4 WIS 2 PEA 1 BLE 2
  • Tags: Void, Earth, Barrier, Cut, Water
  • Basic attacks: Rock Chisel Sword, Brick Wall Shield, Black Hole, Water Jet
  • Description: As the infinitive, once produced the bitumen for Bavel’s famous tower. Now he helps the Holy Tongue Society by sharing his secret knowledge of Bavel’s building blueprints.(不定詞のコレン・マコルは、かつてバベルの有名な塔のためにビチューメンを生産していました。現在は、バベルの建物の設計図に関する秘密の知識を共有することで、聖舌協会を支援しています。マコルの腹部腔は、物体を吸引するような虚空のようなブラックホールであり、彼は噴水のように水の噴射を出すことができ、岩の鑿で作られた剣があります。さらに、とレンガの壁でできた盾を振るうこともできます。)

Entrenched Fossil Toad

Entrenched Fossil Toad ©Aksanyah Studios

  • Shoresh family:חפר
  • Drive: Fear Habitat: Ḥafir Dry Moat
  • Liability Points: 2DN or 9
  • Attributes: DOM 0 VIG 2 GRA 1 CRE 1 WIS 1 PEA 2 BLE 0
  • Tags: Undead, Creep, Earth, Cut, Fear, Stealth
  • Basic attacks: Mattock Blades
  • Description: A spadefoot toad that dug itself so deep underground during winter hibernation that it turned to stone. Now it hides itself out of shame. While made of rock, the toad’s limbs have sharp mattock blades that can cut through the earth. (埋没化石ヒキガエルは、冬眠中に地下深く掘り進んでしまい、石に変わってしまったスペードフットヒキガエルです。今では恥ずかしさから身を隠しています。岩でできているが、このヒキガエルの四肢には土を切り裂くマトックの刃がついています。)

Reshef Mispar

Reshef Mispar ©Aksanyah Studios

  • Shoresh family: ספר
  • Drive: Truth, Order Habitat: Sifriyyah
  • Liability Points: 2DN or 10
  • Attributes: DOM 1 VIG GRA 0 CRE 3 WIS 5 PEA 2 BLE 3
  • Tags: Ben-Adam, Cut, Earth, Education, Math, Mind
  • Basic attacks: Sapphire Shears
  • Description: As the numeral of the Holy Tongue Society, Mispar is an expert scholar at digital attacks. He lugs a heavy bookbag full of reference texts and attacks with giant sapphire shears! (聖舌協会の数字のリレシェフ・ミスパーは、デジタル攻撃のエキスパート学者です。彼は参照テキストでいっぱいの重いブックバッグを引っ張り、巨大なサファイアのはさみで攻撃します!)




Faultfincher ©Aksanyah Studios

The Faultfincher is the Avgad equivalent of a Galapagos woodpecker finch who lives in the deep, dark Ḥatitah Well Pits. His Darwinian roots caused his beak to evolve into a drill over time, and his eyesight to become very refined, even in low-light environments.

But being holed up in such a place has also devolved his personality into a grouchy, overly critical one. When he gets mad, his drill can cause small earthquakes.

  • Shoresh: חטט
  • Habitat: Medinat Alef, Underground, Caves
  • Attributes: DOM 2R, VIG 1R, GRA 1R, CRE 2R, WIS 1R, PEA 0R, BLE 0R
  • Tags: Pierce, Sight, Bird, Earth



Moist Speedy Snack

Moist Speedy Snack

INKTOBER DAY 27 (SNACK): The Moist Speedy Snack is a fermented mix of beans, peas and seeds. These yellow, black and gray grains are quick finger food. But the muddy taste earns little applause from Avgad’s oppressed peoples, who can’t afford to eat anything else.

  • Shoresh family: חטפ
  • Region: Medinat Kaf
  • Effect: Test VIG or PEA for 1S. Success: Recover +1DN Liability
  • Tags: Food, Earth, Poverty, Wet, Seed, Consumable

インクトーバー 27 日目 (おやつ): しっとり速いおやつは、豆、エンドウ豆、種を発酵させたものです。 これらの黄色、黒、灰色の粒はすぐに食べられます。 しかし、他のものを食べる余裕のないアヴガドの抑圧された人々からは、濁った味はほとんど称賛されません。