Inktober #1: Exalted Crystal

The Exalted Crystal demands your praise.

Beware: The Exalted Crystal wants to crystallize its brilliance into your consciousness!

This enemy idol, who lives in the hills, is a massive chunk of crystal and condensed gravel rubble. Due to years of self-worship, It views itself as a tall wall and an invincibly strong fortress, and it demands that passersby praise its shininess. But the Holy Tongue Society refuses to comply!

The Exalted Crystal is based on the shoresh root גבש and its broader family, calling upon themes of crystals, rubble and exaltation.

Inktober is starting up again, and that means I’m working hard on a new batch of characters, monsters, items and more for the Milhamah: Fighting Words video game/RPG series. I’m looking forward to running at least 31 concept sketches this month, and I already have several spare ones I hope to additionally send out. The Exalted Crystal is based on the month’s first theme: crystal.

I’ll write up some stats and abilities for this character soon. If you like what you see, check out some of the progress I’ve made on the Milhamah tabletop RPG I’ve been working on!