Flame and Steam Blades

Flame and Steam Blades are sword options.

INKTOBER DAY 5 (FLAME): Two hot swords are in store for the swordsman with enough fiery passion to wield them!

The first sword, the Burner Cutlass, emits a fiery blade. Depending on the setting, it can slash like a molten lava or pierce like a plasma beam. The second sword, the Vanity Vapor Blade, is a scalding, steaming katana that swings extremely quickly, catching opponents by surprise. The blade’s emitted vapor forms frightening faces that panic and confuse foes.

Burner Cutlass

  • Tags: Weapon, Cutting, Piercing, Volcano, Fire
  • Region: Medinat Alef
  • Attribute Effect: DOM +1R

Vanity Vapor Blade

  • Tags: Weapon, Cutting, Quick, Fear, Surprise, Gas
  • Region: Medinat Alef
  • Attribute Effect: GRA +1R

インクトーバー 5 日目 (炎): 情熱がある剣士は 2 本の熱い剣が用意できます。

1本目の剣、バーナーカットラスは炎の刃を放つ。 設定次第溶岩のように斬ったり、プラズマビームのように突き刺したりします。 2 番目の剣は空の蒸気刃です。非常に速く振り回し、敵を不意打ちする、やけどを負わせて湯気を立てる刀です。 ブレードから放出される蒸気は、敵をパニックに陥れ混乱させる恐ろしい顔を形成します。

Toren Pole

The Sodium Pogo Stick is a pole weapon.

The Toren Pole is a 12-foot pole weapon that’s fit for a giant. Crafted from metal and cedar wood, it combines a pogo stick and a sodium-fueled furnace. Pull the release lever, and the pole shoots out hot yellow flames. (“Milhamah: Fighting Words” hero Shem ‘Etzem is pictured for scale comparison.)

The Toren Pole comes from the נרת shoresh family, which governs poles, furnaces, bouncing, sodium, release levers, giants and more.

Pyromaniac Arsonist

The Pyromaniac gets heated!

The Pyromaniac Arsonist is a simple man – he loves to set things on fire with his heavy spark conductor and his favorite cigarette lighter.

There’s a method to his madness, though. He needs to keep warm in the frigid city of Mattanah, where the Bavel Macrostructure stores and cools its skyscraper-sized surveillance data servers. But while Bavel bans heating for most of its subjects, it wisely adapted and hired arsonists and pyromaniacs to incinerate censored materials and criminals.

The Pyromaniac Arsonist’s power comes from the יצת shoresh family, which governs arson, pyromaniacs, ignition, lighters and more.