Flowing Friar’s Balsam

Flowing Friar's Balsam ©Aksanyah Studios

  • Shoresh family: טנפ
  • Type: Consumable Found: Medinat Lamed
  • Effect: Heal all CRE wounds on target OR target gets a +1 bonus on CRE-related rolls this scene.
  • Tags: Drug, Plant, Water, Healing, Vision
  • Description: The Flowing Friar’s Balsam is a tincture made of rainwater, styrax fruit juice and stacte resin gum. It heals wounds when poured on the skin, and gives prophetic visions to the one to consumes it orally. (流れる修道士の香油(フライヤーズ・バルサム)は、雨水、エゴノキのジュース、および蘇合香の樹脂ガム(安息香)で作られた薬液です。これは皮膚に注がれると傷を癒し、口から摂取した者には予知的なビジョンを与えます。)

Medicinal Eye Bandage

The Medicinal Eye Bandage is  a healing item.

Behold the Medicinal Eye Bandage!

This bandage is based on the רפא shoresh root and family, which largely deals with healing. In the “Milhamah” video game, your wounded warriors may pick up this poultice dressing full of glinus leaves. The item then heals heroes who apply it to their head or eyes.

A few days ago I finished a sprite animation for this item, and the game demo is shaping up nicely. My recorded video footage of designing it will go in an upcoming devlog.