Inktober Day 31: Risk Manager

Risk Managers are agents with dangerous missions.

INKTOBER DAY 31 (RISK): Risk Managers are mercenaries who do bodyguard duties for Bavel’s princes, religious leaders and other top officials when they go to dangerous conferences or meetings. These agents for rent sweep buildings ahead of time to find traps, preemptively slaughter assassins and perform other critical tasks.

Their standard gear includes a Slaughter Knife that tears and warps the fabric of space to create escape portals — and entering one brings a new set of perils! The agents also wear Personal Property Pants that store tons of survival goods. And a Hazard Mask protects against fire, gases and instant death.

Risk Managers earn top dollar for taking on the most dangerous duties. Because the job requires luck on their side, they tend to be very superstitious, worshipping molten metal idols and performing weird libation rituals. Furthermore, the job pressures tempt many of them to excessively drink the libations too.

Risk Managers are powered by the סכן shoresh root and family, which deal with entry, gatherings, conferences, houses of worship, sweeping the house, revenue, agents, princes, rentals, wealth, goods, risk, danger, knives, warping textiles, slaughter and more.

(NOTE: This character was published Oct. 31 on social media like Instagram, but I didn’t get time to post it here!)

Allon Ilan goes out on a limb

Allon Ilan harbors the arbor.

Allon Ilan is a freelance forest ranger hired by the Bavel Macrostructure to secure the Ilan forest’s giant tree, which Bavel believes to be related to the original Syntax Tree, Taḥbir. The tree is rumored to hide the Alp foundation letter.

Ilan commands the forest’s Idol Oaks and Battering Rams. He dons a pair of deer antlers and has a tiny oak tree growing out of his seemingly hollow head. While Allon Ilan may look like a fool, watch out for his mighty terebinth club!

Allon Ilan is based on the אול shoresh root and family, which governs deer, oaks, strength, foolishness and wooden clubs.

Milhamah RPG stats

Shoresh: אול
Gematria: 37
Type: Human, plant
Size: Medium
Liability Points: (3DN * 2) or 28
Merit Points: 3
Law Points: -2
Stats: DOM 3D, VIG 2D, GRA 2D, CRE 3D, WIS 1D, PEA 3D, BLE 2D
Skills: Wilderness +2D, Surveillance +1D
Special Abilities:

  • Summon Idol Oak: Use 2 Merit Points; roll 3DN; take lowest number X to summon X Idol Oaks.
  • Strong Antler: Use 1 Merit Point; DOM+1D melee attack. Close or medium range if attacker can physically run to target.

Equipment: Terebinth Club: +2D VIG close melee attack.