Inktober Day 30: Slither Skates

Whether grass, gravel or ice, the Slither Skates slide through them all.

INKTOBER DAY 30 (SLITHER): You don’t need an ice rink to use the Slither Skates!

The slippery blades — flexible to the molecular level — allow the wearer to smoothly glide through fields, farmland and even gravel roads without stumbling. Water jet hoses cool the blades as they accelerate to avoid bursting into flames.

Many conquering forces, including the Holy Tongue Society, buy the Slither Skates or acquire them as war booty. Special forces use them when they need to move fast on foot or divide a target with a sharp bladed kick.

The Slither Skates are powered by the חלק shoresh root and broader family, which govern slithering, slipperiness, smoothness, skating, gliding, fields, agriculture, stumbling, division, water hoses, buying, war booty, conquest, ignition, particles and more.

(Note: This drawing was published Oct. 30 on social media like Instagram.)


Inktober Day 31: Risk Manager

Risk Managers are agents with dangerous missions.

INKTOBER DAY 31 (RISK): Risk Managers are mercenaries who do bodyguard duties for Bavel’s princes, religious leaders and other top officials when they go to dangerous conferences or meetings. These agents for rent sweep buildings ahead of time to find traps, preemptively slaughter assassins and perform other critical tasks.

Their standard gear includes a Slaughter Knife that tears and warps the fabric of space to create escape portals — and entering one brings a new set of perils! The agents also wear Personal Property Pants that store tons of survival goods. And a Hazard Mask protects against fire, gases and instant death.

Risk Managers earn top dollar for taking on the most dangerous duties. Because the job requires luck on their side, they tend to be very superstitious, worshipping molten metal idols and performing weird libation rituals. Furthermore, the job pressures tempt many of them to excessively drink the libations too.

Risk Managers are powered by the סכן shoresh root and family, which deal with entry, gatherings, conferences, houses of worship, sweeping the house, revenue, agents, princes, rentals, wealth, goods, risk, danger, knives, warping textiles, slaughter and more.

(NOTE: This character was published Oct. 31 on social media like Instagram, but I didn’t get time to post it here!)

Inktober Day 24: Extinctuisher

The Extinctuisher snuffs out fires with the tears of the dying.
In a war-torn, postapocalyptic world, the Extinctuisher comes to the rescue!

The Extinctuishers are a brigade of firefighters who prevent deaths in deserted areas where resources and services are scarce. Their ear is attentive to anyone’s cry of danger, and they stand ready to put out meteors, wildfires and more. Their fire extinguishers spray the distilled tears of the mourning and snuff out fiery or electric targets.

The Extinctuisher comes from the כבי shoresh root and family, dealing with extinction, firefighting, crying, mourning and more.

Inktober Day 20: Peanut-Pistachio Cello

The Peanut Pistachio Cello sprouts nuts.
The Peanut-Pistachio Cello is guaranteed to make any concert hall go nuts!

Made out of solid, sturdy terebinth timber, this cello plays a hopeful timbre that inspires a hybrid nut tree to sprout out of it, bud and bear fruit. The resulting nuts are dense like concrete and are guaranteed to satiate and swell the belly of the most ravenous beast.

The Peanut Pistachio Cello comes from the בטן shoresh root’s family, which governs pistachios, peanuts, terebinths, bellies, cellos, sprouting, hope, concrete and more.

Inktober 19: Lilit

Lilit are night demons that look like a cross between an owl and a bat.

A Lilit (pl. Liliyot) is a feminine Kind of humanoid owl bat that lives in Bavel territory. ‘Aravot authorities classify them as demonic and irredeemably evil.

Liliyot have the power of night on their side, creating fields of darkness that inhibit victims’ vision. During nocturnal hunts, Liliyot prey on men and chicken coops for food. Besides their talons, they also are adept at using sharp chakram-like ring jewelry to attack opponents. Their martial arts culture specializes in twirling and aerial loops.

The Lilit comes from the לול shoresh root, which governs loops, night and Lilit/Lilith.