The Stiletto Fly sharpens its approach

The Stiletto Fly will bleed you dry.

The Stiletto Fly will bleed you dry! This insect is rooted in the חדד shoresh, which deals with pointiness. Four of this insect’s six legs have daggers attached to their feet. Swarms of them live in the mountainous areas around the Ḥod Peak.

The following is a draft of the Stiletto Fly’s proposed stats:

Stiletto Fly

Rarity: Carnelian
Shoresh root: חדד
Speed: Slow (Running) Medium (Flight)
Attitude: Hostile
Stats: DOM: 2 LIF: 1 GRA: 2 CRE: 1 WIS: 1 SHA: 1 BLE: 1

  • Stiletto Stab (חדד)
    Cost: LIF -1
    Effect: DOM+1D pierce attack. If hit, target must roll a LIF-1 save or get bleeding status.