Catchword Guard (Inktober Day 28)

The Catchword Guard monitors, surveys and preserves Bavel’s grip on ‘Ir Risshum and sometimes beyond. Many station themselves at guard booths dotted throughout the city.

Many of the Catchword Guards used to be linguistic conservatives in the Descriptivist-Prescriptivist War, as they wanted to preserve the memories of the old tongues. Now their job is to quietly stalk and persecute Bavel’s dissenters, as well as systematically destroy documents and records of the past. Despite this, most of the ‘Ir Risshum public tolerates the guards due to their reputations as good Samaritans.

The guards are based on the שמר shoresh root and family, having to do with guarding and protecting. Their standard uniform consists of a surveillance camera and a colander-style helmet decorated with a fennel emblem. Their weapon is a pencil-shaped rapier with an abrasive emery tip. Many guards carry documents and lists to track down their targets, and some also tote a vacuum flask and preserved rations for long shifts.

Remes (Inktober Day 27)

The Serenading Lizard is a creeper.

The Remes is a type of serenading lizard who harasses the locals in the capital city of ‘Ir Risshum. This nocturnal creature is a creeper. With its guitar and karaoke boombox, it stands outside homes (usually belonging to beautiful women) and screeches until the wee morning hours. Worse yet, swarms of these reptiles often gather to compete for mates and sing the loudest. Naturally, it isn’t long before the city’s night watchguards get an earful of complaints.

This character is based off the רמש shoresh root (ignoring shin and sin distinctions), which deals with reptiles and evening.

‘Ir Risshum Townspeople (Inktober Day 15)

'Ir Risshum Townspeople

The ‘Ir Risshum Townspeople are background characters who are examples of the Bavel Macrostructure’s model citizens.

Their habits come from the עור shoresh root and family. When it comes to fashion, exposed skin and leather are trendy. The “good life” means being awake and aroused at all times. Loud music drowns out clever conversation or free thought. And some citizens even blind themselves to enhance their other sensations.

These two invaders are profaning ‘Ir Risshum, the former holy city of Yerushalayim (Jerusalem). If anything inspires the Holy Tongue Society to retake the city, it’s this.