Warrior’s Salty Sandwich

Warrior's Salty Sandwich

INKTOBER DAY 17 (SALTY): You have to be brave to swallow the Warrior’s Salty Sandwich!

Traditionally, Holy Tongue Society members purify themselves by fasting from all food but eggy bread and amethyst-colored salt. But the demands of war require protein, so meat such as filleted herring is added to this meal. Pickles are a common condiment.

The sandwich’s eater enters a dreamy trance that increases focus in battle, as well as recovery from injuries.

Type: Consumable
Shoresh family: חלמ
Region: Medinat Nun, Medinat Qof, ‘IRM bases
Tags: Food, Recovery, Meat, Salt, Military, Purify
Effect: Recover +1DN Liability; +1R DOM (1 day)

インクトーバー 17 日目 (塩味): 戦士の塩味のサンドイッチを飲み込むことは勇気が必要です。

伝統的に、聖舌協会のメンバーは、たまごパンとアメジスト色の塩以外のすべての食物を断食することによって身を清めます。 しかし、戦争の需要にはタンパク質が必要なので、鰊の切り身などの肉がこの食事に追加されます。さらに、 漬物は一般的な調味料です。