Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Etgar runs from Jackals-in-the-Box in this Christmas animation. © Aksanyah Studios

To all who celebrate, we wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a great rest of the year. And may your gifts be better than poor Etgar’s! Being chased by Jackals-in-the-Box through the surveilled streets of Mattanah City is no fun. At least the Santa Guf soldier doesn’t seem to mind what’s going on.

Get ready for more exciting adventures from the Holy Tongue Society in 2023!

祝うすべての人に、メリー クリスマス、ハッピー ホリデー、そして今年の素晴らしい残りの年をお祈りします。 そして、かわいそうエトガーのプレゼントよりも、あなたの贈り物が良いものでありますように! マタナ市の監視された通りをジャッカル・イン・ザ・ボックスに追いかけられることは楽しくないですよ。少なくともサンタ・ガフの兵士は何が起こっているのか気にしていないようです。

2023 年の聖舌協会からのさらにエキサイティングな冒険に備えましょう!


The Jackal-in-the-Box is a not-so-special delivery!Jackal-in-the-Box color version


The Jackal-in-the-Box is a special delivery for all the wrong reasons!

This packaged predator hides among the piles of presents lining the streets of Mattanah, a wealthy Bavel city. When an unfortunate citizen, subject or creature opens the box expecting a reward, the jackal pounces. Unscrupulous donors — including Bavel’s Sotem forces — have used these traps to assassinate enemies.

The Jackal-in-the-Box is powered by the תנן shoresh root, which governs jackals, gifts, donors, delivery, citizens, subjects and more.