Shelomoh Mashlim

Shelomoh Mashlim ©Aksanyah Studios

  • Shoresh family: למש
  • Drive: Peace, Justice Habitat: Yerushalayim
  • Liability Points: 2DN or 11
  • Attributes: DOM 0 VIG 1 GRA 4 CRE WIS 2 PEA 5 BLE 2
  • Tags: Ben-Adam, Administration, Business, Light, Performing, Justice
  • Basic attacks:
  • Description: Shelomoh Mashlim the complementizer is a peaceful soul who strives to be a perfect pay clerk in Bavel’s bureaucracy. But when internal corruption hurts the innocent, Mashlim longs for the Holy Tongue Society to form a new government and mete out payback. His powers include a dazzling opal glow, high willpower against mental and spiritual attacks, and bardic poetry that calms enemy aggression.


Fallout Griffin

The Fallout Griffin drops in.


INKTOBER DAY 11 (EAGLE): The Fallout Griffin is an mutant eagle/bobcat/lynx hybrid that developed due to exposure to radioactive fallout. That exposure makes the griffin powerful but clumsy, as it often drops from the sky due to molting too many feathers. While it’s a ferocious predator, its favorite food is fruit.

インクトーバー 11 日目 (鷲): フォールアウト・グリフィンは、放射性降下物にさらされたために発生したミュータントの鷲/ボブキャット/大山猫のハイブリッドです。 その露出により、グリフィンは強力ですが、脱皮しすぎるために空から落ちることが多いため、不器用になります。 獰猛な捕食者ですが、好物は果物です。

  • Shoresh family: נרש
  • Attributes: DOM 4R, VIG 2R, GRA 1R, CRE 2R, WIS 1R, PEA 1R, BLE 1R
  • Habitat: Medinat Ṿaṿ, Mountains
  • Tags: Bird, Beast, Light, Disease, Fall, Fly