Insulating Linens

The Insulating Clothes separate the fashionable from the rest.

Insulating Linens are a necessity when walking the cold, lonely streets of Mattanah. Besides keeping warm in the winter, these garments also stay cool in the heat and boost the wearer’s elusiveness in battle.

The wealthy, such as this fashion model Devirah Bad, separate themselves from the lower classes by dressing in motley down quilts, often tinted olive. That’s because the linens are so garish that they socially isolate everyone except other wearers.

The Insulating Linens come from the בדד shoresh family, which governs insulation, linens, clothes, olive presses, elusion and isolation.

マッタナーの寒くて孤独な通りを歩くときは、絶縁リネンがが必要です。 これらの衣服は、冬に暖かくするだけでなく、暑さの中でも涼しくする。そして戦闘での着用者の逃げる才能を支援します。

このファッションモデルのデヴィラ・バッドのような裕福な人々は、多色のダウンキルト(しばしばオリーブ色)を着ることによって、貧乏人から違います。 それは、リネンが非常に派手で、他の着用者を除くすべての人を社会的に孤立させているためです。

Sheqaq Marketplace

The Shuq Marketplace offers whatever your heart desires.

The Sheqaq Marketplace will sell you the desires of your heart… if you can put up with all the racket!

This bustling market is one of the most popular commercial hubs in Mattanah City. Businesses like Qafeh Teh, Gan Katom and more vie for the privilege to rent a sackcloth vendor tent and reach some of the Bavel Macrostructure’s wealthiest customers. Just wear earplugs, because all the competing advertisements roar throughout the city square!

The Sheqaq Marketplace gets its power from the קקש shoresh family, which governs markets, noise, busyness, bustling, sackcloth, desire and more.


Sealed Storehouse

The Sealed Storehouse is a secret police base in Mattanah.

The Sealed Storehouse is a shuttered warehouse on the outskirts of Mattanah City. In the old days, it used to stock food, particularly meatless products. But today it’s locked, bound with chains and sealed with mysterious scrolls. So it’s nearly impossible to break into.

That’s because the tyrannical Bavel Macrostructure took it over and turned it into the Sotem secret police’s secret base and interrogation center, and they often silence dissidents here. Weird valves, pistons and locked crates litter the building’s interior.

The Sealed Storehouse is home to the מסת shoresh family (סתם root), which governs storehouses, parve food, seals, bindings, silence, stopping, valves and more.


Mattanah, the City of Surprises

Mattanah is the city of surprises.

Mattanah, the City of Surprises, is a gentrified commercial center of luxury and tech products for the enemy Bavel Macrostructure. Its glittering temples of consumerism stack to the skies like presents. But the city that never sleeps “knows when you are sleeping,” as its skyscraper-sized data servers store surveillance data on the public. But dark secrets lurk beneath the city’s spying eyes, including widespread homelessness and the Bavel Macrostructure’s human trafficking industry.

Mattanah is powered by the ננת shoresh family, which governs gifts, donations, data, citizens, servants, subjects and more.

Sackcloth Pelican

The Sackcloth Pelican says war is near!The Sackcloth Pelican in B&W.

The Sackcloth Pelican has a dire prediction!

This brooding bird, dressed in tattered sackcloth and ashes, paces the Mattanah marketplace, stuffing emergency provisions in its baglike bill. It warns the public with its placard (which says “The war is near” in Imperial Aramaic) and prophesies that a tremendous storm of attacks are on the horizon.

What will be the Bavel Macrostructure’s reaction to all this commotion? Only the pelican knows!

The Sackcloth Pelican is powered by the שקק shoresh root, which governs sackcloth, sacks, storms, attacks, commotion and more.