24K Goriole

24K Goriole ©Aksanyah Studios

  • Shoresh family: בהז
  • Drive: Beauty, Food Habitat: Field, Medinat Ṿaṿ
  • Liability Points: 2DN or 9
  • Attributes: DOM 1 VIG 2 GRA 3 CRE 1 WIS 1 PEA 1 BLE 4
  • Tags: Bird, Fire, Flight, Food, Metal
  • Basic attacks: Gilded Beak, Furnace Feathers
  • Description: A golden oriole that smells like baking bread. It is adorned with ornate jewelry and rococo-styled feathers. (24Kゴリオールは、焼きたてのパンの香りがする黄金のオリオールです。それは華やかな宝飾品とロココ様式の羽毛で飾られています。)


Partitioned Provision Chest


Partitioned Provision Chest

The Partitioned Provision Chest supports the ‘Ivrit Revival Movement’s mobilized troops by connecting them with food, medicine, repair materials and intel.

The box accepts a mixture items and automatically sorts them according to use. Generic drugs are in one drawer. Parsley, herbs and sprouts are in another. Metals and dross is placed in another section. Classified files are hidden at the chest’s bottom. A fenced lining keeps the supplies secure.

  • Shoresh family: גוס
  • Found: Medinat Samekh Cities, Towns
  • Tags: Container, Organize, Medicine, Metal, Barrier, Secret


箱は混合物を受け入れ、用途に応じて自動的に分類します。 ジェネリック医薬品は一つの引き出しに入っています。 パセリ、ハーブ、スプラウトは別です。 金属とドロスは別のセクションに配置されます。 機密ファイルは宝箱の下部に隠されています。 フェンスのような囲まれた裏地が物資を安全に保ちます。

Brocade Crab

Brocade Crab

INKTOBER DAY 10 (CRABBY) With a reel of thread atop its ornamentally striated shell, the Brocade Crab weaves metallic embroidery for the Bavel Macrostructure’s emblems, armor and other rare artifacts.

It demands only the best-case scenario for working conditions: The thread must be gold or silver, and a hit movie must be on while it’s designing.

  • Shoresh family: טסר
  • Attributes: DOM 1R, VIG 2R, GRA 3R, CRE 3R, WIS 1R, PEA 2R, BLE 3R
  • Habitat: Medinat Zayin area, Coast, Saltwater
  • Tags: Shellfish, Cloth, Metal, Entertainment

インクトーバー 10 日目 (カニらしい) 飾り模様のある甲羅の上に一巻きの糸を巻きつけた錦カニは、バベルマクロ構造の象徴や鎧や珍しいアーティファクトなどのために金属の刺繍を織ります。