Demeh ©Aksanyah Studios

  • Shoresh family: דימ
  • Kind: Machine, Spirit Gender: Neuter
  • Drive: Justice Habitat: Medinat Gimel
  • Liability Points: 2DN or 12
  • Attributes: DOM 2 VIGGRA 3 CRE 2 WIS 1 PEA 2 BLE 3
  • Tags: Perform, Fear, Justice
  • Basic attacks: Mimic, Counterfeit Cash
  • Description: Demeh, the phantasmic virtual mime, is a minion whom the Bavel Macrostructure deploys against scofflaws and tax evaders. It rolls in on a modified bogus machine, which projects a wireframe image to frighten the enemy. But while this ghost is a dummy, it’s no joke. It assimilates its targets’ data, mirrors their appearance and then silences them with mimic attacks!(幻想的なバーチャル・マイムのデメは、バベル・マクロ構造が法を犯す者や税金逃れをする者に対して展開する手下です。それは改造された偽金機械に乗ってやって来ます。敵を恐れさせるためにワイヤーフレームの画像を投影します。しかし、この幽霊が傀儡である間にも、それは冗談ではありません。それはターゲットのデータを同化し、彼らの姿を写し、そして模倣攻撃で彼らを消えさせます!)

Millah Millit

Millah Millit ©Aksanyah Studios

  • Shoresh family: ללמ
  • Kind: Ben-Adam Gender: Feminine
  • Drive: Excitement Habitat: Medinat Kaf
  • Liability Points: 2DN or 8
  • Attributes: DOM 1 VIG 1 GRA 4 CRE 2 WIS 0 PEA 4 BLE 2
  • Tags: Speech, Cut, Crush, Neuter, Friction, (anti-)Plant
  • Basic attacks: Crushing Boots, Marginal Knife
  • Description: Represents the particle among the parts of speech in the Holy Tongue Society. She’s innocent, naive and likes to dress like a frilly magical girl —while wielding a giant knife that imposes critical damage on men. Millah is a girl of many words who stirs up trouble wherever she goes. She loves flowers, but plants wilt at her touch. And her boots are made for crushing. She also has a talking dumpling as a sidekick!


NOTE: I sketched Millah Millit four years ago but never turned her into a digital piece. I thought she deserved a redraw and an improved update!