Alp (Inktober Day 23)

Alp represents the letter Alef.

Alp, the guardian representative of the letter alef (א), is an ox whom Adam named and befriended in the beginning. As one of the 22 Otiyot, he broke his yoke to become a miraculous champion, a military general and a coach.

Alp’s abilities are based on the אלף shoresh root and family. He can easily learn his enemies’ skills and how to counter them. He also can shroud himself in darkness and can astonish the masses with God-given miracles.

Today Alp’s whereabouts are unknown, but rumor has it that his ancient teachings were preserved and passed down. Look forward to seeing more of Alp when the “Milhamah: Fighting Words” comic resumes!

Nun (Inktober Day 11)

Nun is the serpent fish who represents the 14th letter.

Nun is the serpent fish who is the embodiment the letter nun (נ), the 14th letter of the ‘Ivrit alphabet. He was initially one of the animals in the garden that Adam named, along with Gaml and Qop.

Based on the נון shoresh root, Nun not only represents fish but also posterity (particularly great-grandchildren). That’s why he bites on a pacifier while baby eels surround him. His candle-lit halo signifies enlightenment, and his rotting vestigal tail signifies degeneration. The paradox of the last two attributes are the hallmarks of this slippery eel who — tempting to say — appears to be more than he seems.

After Inktober I’ll turn Nun into vector art since he’ll appear in the next comic update. But for now, more B&W previews ahead!

Adam gets the first word

Adam uses the alefbet to dominate the world.

Meet Adam. You might’ve heard of him before. As in the Bible, Adam is the first man, and Ha-Shem creates him and assigns him to exercise global dominion, especially by naming the world’s creatures.

However, because the world of Eretz is shaped by linguistics, the “Milhamah” Adam differs from the biblical account in several ways, based on the roots in the אדם shoresh family.

For example, Adam is not only made from the dust of the earth. Based on the אדם shoresh root, his body also continues to take on elements of clay, soil and stone, and he has the ability to manipulate earth. The same root gives him the power to heat his body to red-hot temperatures — hence his ability to wear fire around his waist for stylistic modesty!

He has other powers too. In the “Milhamah” world, Adam was the first Evaluator of Names, a title that our protagonist Shem ‘Etzem strives to live up to. The אמד shoresh gives Adam his evaluation powers, which are similar to Shem’s in the latter’s holy form. When Adam is evaluating targets, his eyes shine like the Odem ruby he wears around his neck, and his vision has jewel-like clarity to determine the true nature of things.

Lastly, gaining dominion of Eretz has made Adam very rich, thanks to the מאד shoresh root. And that root also gives him the power to multiply his strength by many times.

So yeah, Adam is OP. His role in “Milhamah” may be a bit of a mystery, but the comic and franchise will explain more in the months and years to come!

Comic update

I’ve been hard at work making a bunch of new characters who will be revealed in the next comic update. I’ll preview each one here as I work on them, hopefully one per week. While an actual comic update for at least four to six weeks, I’ll continue to add more content in the weeks ahead. It’ll be worth the wait!


The cover of "Episode 8: A Bout with Doubt"Deli's swing sends Shem into Bavel's gate.Shem survives crashing into the gate.Shem tries to tell Deli about his cause.Deli mocks Shem's uncertainty and tries to make him doubt.Deli gets ready to finish Shem off by storing up water.