Faultfincher ©Aksanyah Studios

The Faultfincher is the Avgad equivalent of a Galapagos woodpecker finch who lives in the deep, dark Ḥatitah Well Pits. His Darwinian roots caused his beak to evolve into a drill over time, and his eyesight to become very refined, even in low-light environments.

But being holed up in such a place has also devolved his personality into a grouchy, overly critical one. When he gets mad, his drill can cause small earthquakes.

  • Shoresh: חטט
  • Habitat: Medinat Alef, Underground, Caves
  • Attributes: DOM 2R, VIG 1R, GRA 1R, CRE 2R, WIS 1R, PEA 0R, BLE 0R
  • Tags: Pierce, Sight, Bird, Earth



Scorpion Planer

Scorpion Planer

INKTOBER DAY 18 (SCRAPE): The Scorpion Planer will leave a scrape on whoever crosses its path!

This robotic drone is a modified hand planer that bevels or carves whatever it touches. Even if it doesn’t grind you to dust from above, its other sharp and pointy appendages — chisels, knives and spikes — pack a painful sting that leaves its target stunned and screaming.

It’s as noisy as thunder and can also randomly discharge electricity while operating. Only professionals should use it!

  • Shoresh family: עצק
  • Attributes: DOM 3R, VIG 1R, GRA 1R, CRE 3R, WIS 1R, PEA 0R, BLE 1R
  • Habitat: Medinat Yod, Town, Forest
  • Tags: Machine, Grind, Shock, Electric, Cutting, Piercing

インクトーバー 18 日目 (削): スコーピオン・プレーナーは、その道を横切る者を削ります!

このロボットのドローンは、触れたものに面取りや彫刻を施す改造したハンドプレーナーです。それがあなたを上から粉々に粉砕しなくても、その他の鋭くて先のとがった付属物 – のみ、ナイフ、スパイク – は痛みを伴う刺し傷を負って、叫び声をさせて、ターゲットを喪心させます。

雷鳴のようにうるさく、動作中にランダムに放電することもあります。 プロだけが使用したほうがいいです。






Flame and Steam Blades

Flame and Steam Blades are sword options.

INKTOBER DAY 5 (FLAME): Two hot swords are in store for the swordsman with enough fiery passion to wield them!

The first sword, the Burner Cutlass, emits a fiery blade. Depending on the setting, it can slash like a molten lava or pierce like a plasma beam. The second sword, the Vanity Vapor Blade, is a scalding, steaming katana that swings extremely quickly, catching opponents by surprise. The blade’s emitted vapor forms frightening faces that panic and confuse foes.

Burner Cutlass

  • Tags: Weapon, Cutting, Piercing, Volcano, Fire
  • Region: Medinat Alef
  • Attribute Effect: DOM +1R

Vanity Vapor Blade

  • Tags: Weapon, Cutting, Quick, Fear, Surprise, Gas
  • Region: Medinat Alef
  • Attribute Effect: GRA +1R

インクトーバー 5 日目 (炎): 情熱がある剣士は 2 本の熱い剣が用意できます。

1本目の剣、バーナーカットラスは炎の刃を放つ。 設定次第溶岩のように斬ったり、プラズマビームのように突き刺したりします。 2 番目の剣は空の蒸気刃です。非常に速く振り回し、敵を不意打ちする、やけどを負わせて湯気を立てる刀です。 ブレードから放出される蒸気は、敵をパニックに陥れ混乱させる恐ろしい顔を形成します。