Tiqvah toy in the works

Tiqvah turnaround

Shem ‘Etzem’s keshigomu-inspired toy came out earlier this year, and now Tiqvah Tavit’s is in the conceptual stage!

The concept sketch above is a character turnaround for Tiqvah that I will send to a 3D modeling artist. Once the rendering is done, I’ll send it to a 3D printing company and get some more figurines made for the “Milhamah” collectible toy series. The goal is to release the new figure by early May.

If you’d like to buy Shem’s toy, you can do so by visiting our Etsy page.


Shem toy

Happy Hanukkah!

Shem spins a dreidel.

To those who celebrate: Happy Hanukkah!

Here, child Shem ‘Etzem plays with a mushroom sevivon (dreidel) in the Poran Mushroom Forest. The toy’s Hebrew letters stand for “נס גדול היה שם”: A great miracle happened there. Coincidentally, the word for “there” (sham) and Shem are spelled the same way in Hebrew…

Hanukkah celebrates the story of the Maccabees defeating an occupying Syrophoenician army that sought to suppress their faith and traditions. Like the Maccabees, the Holy Tongue Society in “Milhamah: Fighting Words” also fights overwhelming odds to defeat a cultural oppressor.

As the holiday season progresses, I may have more animations coming. In the mean time, I hope your days to come are filled with lots of miracles!

祝う人へ: ハッピーハヌカ!

ポルタンのキノコの森でキノコのセビボン (ドレイデル) で遊ぶ子どものシェム・エツェム。 おもちゃのヘブライ文字は「נס גדול היה שם」を表しています意味はそこで大きな奇跡が起こりました。 偶然にも、「そこで」(シャム)とシェムのヘブライ語の綴りは同じです…

ハヌカは、信仰と伝統を抑圧しようとしたアンティオコス4世の軍隊を打ち負かしたマカバイの物語を祝います。 マカバイのように、「ミルハマー:喧嘩言葉」の聖舌協会も、文化的抑圧者を打ち負かすために圧倒的な確率で戦います。

ホリデーシーズンが進むにつれて、さらに多くのアニメーションが登場する可能性があります。 その間、あなたのこれからの日々がたくさんの奇跡に満ちていることを願っています!

Shem Pe’ullah

Shem Pe'ullah is Shem's mom.

Shem Pe’ullah is a working woman and the mother of Shem ‘Etzem. In addition, she is a passionate master of aerial acrobatic attacks.

While her husband, Shem Peraṭi, loves research and theory, Pe’ullah believes in the power of initiative and physical action. While wealthy, she recklessly works herself to exhaustion. When she sweats, she covers herself in a cloud of perfume that makes enemies faint, weak or afraid.

Shem Pe’ullah is powered by the לעפ shoresh family, which governs activity, labor, high places, perfume, fainting, weakness, exhaustion, perfume, hemorrhoids and more.

シェム・ぺウラーは働く女性であり、 シェム・エツェムの母親でもあります。 また、彼女は空中アクロバット攻撃の情熱的な達人です。

夫のシェム・ペラティは研究と理論が大好きですが、ペウラーは率先力と身体活動の力を信じています。 裕福ですが、無謀に働き、疲れ果てています。 彼女が汗をかくと、敵を気絶させたり、弱らせたり、怖がらせたりする香水の雲に身を包みます。

Middle Child Shem ‘Etzem

Middle Child Shem 'Etzem looks for roots.

As the middle child of the Shem family, Shem ‘Etzem feared mediocrity. So he grew up to be an independent and headstrong son. And he always tried his best despite being hobbled by bone-related health issues.

While he loved to sleep in bed and read his favorite comic (the superhero cow Baqar Tov), his favorite activity was searching for shoresh roots with his father, Shem Peraṭi. Often, the two would go to Porṭan Mushroom Portal’s forest and intensely search for roots. ‘Etzem’s garlic scape hat not only hid his small ears, but it held his trusty Objective Lens. And on a lucky day, he’d find a גונ root, a multicolored mandrake with chameleonlike powers.

Middle Child Shem ‘Etzem mainly got his power from the מעץ shoresh family. That governs shuteye, beds, bones, middle, mediocrity, intensity, independence, effort, small ears, objectivity, compound lenses and cattle.

シェム家の真ん中の子供として、シェム・エツェムは平凡さを恐れていました。 それで彼は成長して独立した頭の強い息子になりました。 そして、彼骨に関連する康問題に悩まされていたにもかかわらずいつも最善を尽くしました

彼はベッドで寝てお気に入りの漫画(スーパーヒーローの牛バカル・トヴ)を読むのが好きでしたが、彼のお気に入りの活動は父親のシェム・ペラティと一緒にショレッシュ根を探すことでした。 多くの場合、2人はポータン・キノコ・ポータルの森に行き、根を徹底的に探しました。 エツェムのニンニクの花茎の帽子は、彼の小さな耳を隠しただけでなく、彼の信頼できる対物レンズを掛けました。 そして幸運な日に、彼はカメレオンのような力を持つ色とりどりのマンドレークであるגונの根を見つけました。

Shem Peraṭi

Shem Perati, the proper noun, is Shem 'Etzem's father.

Shem Peraṭi represents the proper noun in “Milhamah: Fighting Words” and is the father of the story’s main protagonist, Shem ‘Etzem. Just as ‘Etzem has an affinity for garlic, Peraṭi favors mushrooms.

Peraṭi is a famous researcher, engineer and inventor who built some of Avgad’s finest pieces of technology. The Bavel Macrostructure hired him to create a network of Bavel Gate portals. However, he longs to quit and pursue his research of shoresh roots. (He keeps a secret inventory of dozens of specimens.)

Rumors call him a mad scientist who splits otiyot letters and rearranges them into time-warping chronograms and space-warping anagrams.

While Peraṭi is a private, fiercely independent person, he also is an aspiring musician. Sometimes, when he enters the public square, he disguises himself in a shabby overcoat and busks for change.  He goes nowhere without his Postlude Lyre and Shredding Plectrum, as well as his disintegrating Ṭoref Scrambler for self-defense.

Peraṭi gets his powers from the טפר shoresh family, which governs fathers, plectrums, mushrooms, privacy, inventories, specimens, small change, playing stringed instruments, shabbiness, scramblers, tearing, creating, disintegrating, splitting and quitting.