Sefer Yetzer Ra’

Sefer Yetzer Ra' ©Aksanyah Studios

The Sefer Yetzer Ra’ (Book of Evil Inclination), in the world of “Milhamah,” is a corrupted revision of ancient writings about the universal Otiyot letters. 

This cryptic book serves as the Bavel Macrostructure’s military playbook for conquering ‘Aravot and the world of Avgad. The book is also the primary sacred text of the Macrostructure’s official cult.

The Sefer Yetzer Ra’s cover is inscribed with the word “raggu,” or evil, in cuneiform. Within its decayed pages, it contains insane, rambling lectures as well as proscribed magic. 

The grimoire promises love, mastery and powers at an impossible price — first it shatters the reader’s imagination with intense desires, suspicions and doubts; then it brainwashes him and dooms him to commit calamities. 

It’s no surprise that the Holy Tongue Society seeks to destroy this tome!

  • Shoresh family: עער
  • Attribute effects: DOM +3R, CRE +6R, WIS -4R, PEA -4R, BLE -2R
  • Tags: Sin, Crushing, Charm, Doubt, Document, Calamity

Fertility Fairy

Fertility Fairy


INKTOBER DAY 24 (FAIRY): The Fertility Fairies — part elfin sprite and part addax — fertilize crops and prepare grain to feed the Bavel Macrostructure’s troops.

In battle, the Fertility Fairies thrash enemies with a threshing grain flail, and then trample the defeated with pedal sandals. The Holy Tongue Society regards the fairies as lust-filled evil spirits.

  • Shoresh family: דוש
  • Habitat: Medinat Yod, Medinat Lamed, Field
  • Attributes: DOM 3R, VIG 1R, GRA 2R, CRE 3R, WIS 1R, PEA 1R, BLE 2R
  • Tags: Supernatural, Strike, Agriculture, Thresh, Kick, Sin

インクトーバー 24 日目 (妖精): 豊饒の妖精 (一部はエルフ、一部はアダックス) は作物を肥やし、バベルマクロ構造の部隊に食糧を供給する穀物を準備します。

豊饒の妖精は戦いで脱穀穀物フレイルで敵を叩き、倒した者をペダル・サンダルで踏みにじる。 聖舌協会は、妖精が欲望に満ちた悪霊と言います。




Forgotten Men

You won't remember the Forgotten Men.

INKTOBER DAY 12 (FORGET): The Forgotten Men are envoys of the Bavel Macrostructure’s Sons of Darkness. Masters of deception and contradiction, they fight to protect Bavel’s lies and never disappoint. They assist the regime’s black ops, and their camera obscuras delete evidence at the scene and fabricate lies.

Frail and lean, they act reserved and restrained. But when attacking, their aura of sin and evil absorbs an target’s energy, lowers brain frequencies and causes amnesia. They force enemies to deny their most deeply held beliefs. Then they muzzle witnesses and render them speechless.

Some people think that the Forgotten Men only pretend to be obedient to the regime. Still, they bring calamity and oblivion wherever they go. Bargain for your life if you ever see one.

  • Shoresh family: חכש
  • Habitats: Medinat Resh, Nocturnal, Cities, Anywhere
  • Attributes: DOM 4R, VIG 2R, GRA 5R, CRE 3R, WIS 5R, PEA 5R, BLE 5R
  • Tags: Ben Adam, Forgetting, Darkness, Deceiving, Sin, Self-control

インクトーバー 12 日目 (忘れる): 忘れられた男たちは、バベルマクロ構造の闇の子等の特使です。 欺瞞と矛盾の達人である彼らは、バベルの嘘を守るために戦い、決して失望させません。 彼らは政権の秘密工作を支援し、彼らのカメラ オブスキュラは現場で証拠を削除し、嘘をでっち上げます。

虚弱でやせており、控えめで抑制された行動をとります。 しかし、攻撃すると、罪と悪のオーラがターゲットのエネルギーを吸収し、脳波を低下させ、記憶喪失を引き起こします。 彼らは、敵に彼らの最も深く保持されている信念を否定するように強制します。 それから彼らは目撃者に口輪をはめ、言葉をなくします。

忘れられた男たちは政権に従順なふりをしているだけだと考える人もいます。 それでも、彼らはどこへ行っても災難と忘却をもたらします。 見かけたら命を乞って。


Inktober Day 1: Falsetto Gargoyle

The Falsetto Gargoyle sings off-key perverted ballads.

The Falsetto Gargoyle is a rejected idol statue who was chiseled out of the side of a mug filled with human waste and spoiled garbage. It smoothly and evenly hovers above ground. Then it blasts enemies with the distortion caused by singing off-key perverted ballads.

Its own singing causes damage to itself, causing the mug to chip over the years. But the noise does help a birthwort plant grow out of it.

  • Shoresh family: לספ
  • Habitat: Medinat Taṿ region, strongholds
  • Tags: Plant, Utensil, Sing, Sin, Idol, Construct

インクトーバー 1 日目 (ガーゴイル): ファルセット・ ガーゴイルは、人間の排泄物と腐ったゴミで満たされたマグカップの側面から彫り出された、拒絶された偶像です。 スムーズに地上にホバリングします。 次に、音痴のエロなバラードを歌うことによって引き起こされる音の歪みで敵を爆破します。 その歌は自身にダメージを与え、年月を経てマグカップがだんだん壊れていきます。しかし、騒音は、ウマノスズクサの植物がそこから成長するのを助けます.