Shem sits down for steak. Shem hides because Etgar is coming. Shem's disguise works. Etgar suspects nothing. Hunger vs. honesty: Which wins?
Tiqwah suggests dinner. Shem angers Tiqwah. Shem's puns are rewarded.

Personalities clash in “High Steaks” (#2)

Tiqwah invites Shem to dinner. Shem hopes his steak won't be as tough as her odds of keeping promises. Tiqwah's glare scorches Shem, but he taunts with a second pun. Tiqwah gives up, offering extra food in exchange for silence. (See this comic and the others at Tapas or Webtoon, and please subscribe! ) Which has more fiery intensity: Tiqwah’s wrath or Shem’s provocative puns? In the end, Tiqwah pays for her past broken promises, using beef as legal tender. (How did Shem miss that one?) Besides inching the plot past the prologue, the goal of this comic was to highlight a bit of the characters’ personalities and watch them clash. As the Holy Tongue Society’s tactician, Tiqwah likes to think of herself as a long-range planner, though she doesn’t always succeed. As the group’s overall leader, Shem likes control and order, but even he has a silly side. Soon it will be evident that Shem has many sides to him, including those he wants to keep hidden… In the comments below, tell me what you think about the characters and how they might develop. Questions, suggestions and other constructive feedback are welcome!