Late-blooming Bat

The Late-blooming Bat is gloomy over unripe fruit.

The Late-blooming Bat is a gloomy serotine bat species that flies above the Ulpan Academy. When they swarm in large numbers, they form a dark cloud around the Ulpan that lets the ‘Ivrit Revival Movement operate in secrecy. The bat’s favorite food is fruit, but the ones it carries mysteriously never ripen.

The bat is powered by the A-L-P shoresh family, which governs serotine bats, ripening, darkness and more.

Ulpan Academy

The Ulpan Academy trains 'IRM soldiers.

Ulpan is the capital of ‘Aravot’s state of Alef. It’s home to the cattle on a thousand hills, as well as a military academy. Despite the academy’s prominent hilltop location, it’s frequently hidden by dark clouds of migratory serotine bats.

The Ulpan Academy boasts one of the most educated populations in Avgad. It trains ‘Ivrit Revival Movement recruits and researches military intelligence ciphers in a mysterious facility known as the Darkroom. A team of generals runs both the campus and the greater city. The community also has a strong athletic culture, and many enrollees become sports champions and coaches throughout ‘Aravot.

The Ulpan Academy comes from the אלפ shoresh family, which governs language schools, training, generals, champions, oxen, serotine bats, darkness and more.

Dumpling Bundle

Dumpling Bundle is stuffed full of treats!B&W Dumpling Bundle

The Dumpling Bundle is a stitched snack sack stuffed with doughy dumplings that are filled with kofta-style beef shoulder and other blended meats. The dish was first developed by cattle herders in Medinat Alef’s hilly Katef region.

Eventually, the dumplings grew popular among elite foodies in Bavel’s Mattanah city. ‘Ivrit’s Ulpan Academy cafeteria also serves the dish to its hungry troops, making this meal a rare point of agreement between the two warring factions.

The Dumpling Bundle comes from the כפת shoresh family, which deals with dumplings, kofta, shoulders, stitches and blends.


The Idol Oak demands worship

The Idol Oak demands worship.

The Idol Oak is a gnarled, withered husk of wood that demands worship and submission from the ‘Ivrit Revival Movement. This enemy most frequently dwells in the Ilan forest, but sprouts near the Ulpan when the Bavel Macrostructure tries to invade it.

While the creature is as dumb as a stump, its spiritual abilities come from the Kena’ani masks that surround it, as well as an old Edomi idol that dwells within and gives it life. The Idol Oak is frequently the subject of nature worship among the nations.

Like the Battering Ram and the Dumbkuchen, the Idol Oak is based on the אול shoresh root. This character takes inspiration from the root’s ties to trees, oaks, stupidity, wickedness and idolatry. Look forward to seeing this monster in the Milhamah RPG and video game!

Milhamah RPG stats

Shoresh: אול
Gematria: 37
Type: Plant, construct
Size: Medium
Domains: Ilan Tree, Ulpan Academy, Ketef Hinnom, forests, temples

Liability Points: 3DN or 11
Merit Points: 0
Law Points: -3 (Evil)

Abilities: Thick Thicket (Pi): Attacks with VIG+1D; opponent must defend with WIS. Causes confusion on critical hit.
Equipment: None
Loot: Oak wood