Qir Evacuated Pit Village

Qir Evacuated Pit Town

INKTOBER DAY 14 (EMPTY): Qir is an evacuated town deep in Bavel territory. The place used to be a bustling spring and oasis, until the day when the shoresh roots burst forth from the earth — and a giant bottomless pit formed in the town square. Like a vacuum, the pit began sucking flimsy homes and palm trees into the void, and the town had to evacuate.

When the Bavel Macrostructure conquered the area, it practiced its construction prowess by building a giant wall made of asphalt and wax to seal off the pit.

  • Shoresh family: וקר
  • Habitat: Town, Freshwater, Underground
  • Region: In Bavel territory, betweem Medinat Kaf and Medinat Nun
  • Tags: Building Material, Wellspring, Hole, Empty, Barrier, Remove

インクトーバー 14 日目 (空): キールは、バベル領の奥深くにある避難した町です。 この場所は昔にやかな泉とオアシスでしたが、その日まで大語根が地面から飛び出し、巨大な底なしの穴が町の広場に形成されました。 真空のように、穴がもろい家屋やヤシの木を吸い込み始め、町は避難しなければなりませんでした。




Scurvy Scallop

The Scurvy Scallop's pearly whites leave something to be desired.

INKTOBER DAY 4 (SCALLOP): The Scurvy Scallop’s shell is tough mother of pearl, but its pearly whites leave something to be desired! One bite from its hinged, diseased maw can spread tetanus to the victim! However, this illness doesn’t affect the minnows that swim inside the scallop or the fountain on its head.

  • Shoresh family: דפצ
  • Habitat: Saltwater (Avgad seas)
  • Tags: Shellfish, Mollusk, Wellspring, Disease, Jewel, Mouth
  • Attributes: DOM 1, VIG 3, GRA 1, CRE 1, WIS 1, PEA 2, BLE 2

インクトーバー 4 日目 (ホタテ貝): 壊血病ホタテ貝の介殻 は丈夫な真珠層ですが、その歯は体調不良です。 ヒンジ付きの病気の口から一口噛むと、被害者に破傷風が広がる可能性があります。 ただし、この病気は、ホタテ貝やその頭の噴水の中を泳ぐ鮠には影響しません。