Tender Loaf

The Tender Loaf is soft delicacy that feels heavy going down..

The Tender Loaf is a delicacy that was baked in the Prescriptivist-occupied Kikkar District. This circular loaf of bread is soft to the touch, but feels heavy going down. A pizza-sized loaf weighs between 75 and 100 pounds!

While this loaf tastes sweet, eating it softens and weakens the body while mollifying the mind. Historians believe that the Prescriptivist troops indulged in this treat too much, robbing them of thinness, strength and high morale. In modern times, the Bavel Macrostructure feeds this dish to the poor to keep them pacified.

The Tender Loaf comes from the ככר shoresh family, which governs loaves, talent weights, softness, sweetness, weakness, delicacies, districts and mollification.

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