Tola’at Teacher

Tola'at Teacher B&WTola'at Teacher (Color)

The Tola’at Teacher is a bright bug who produces a brighter scarlet dye in Bavel’s commercial city of Mattanah. It’s also known as a “learned little worm” who pupils its pupae, teaching them how to read and learn speech acts.

A few tola’at also tutor Mattanah’s citizens by biting people’s heads with their tiny teeth. Due to this illegally increasing literacy, it’s no surprise that the Bavel Macrostructure wants to crush these grubs into red paste.

The Tola’at Teacher is based on the לעת shoresh family, which governs instruction, tola’at, worms, scarlet, bicuspids and more.

Type: Bug
Shoresh: תלע
Gematria: 500
Size: Tiny
Habitat: Mattanah, Katef Shoulder, Urban, Hills, Desert
Threat: Lv. 1
Rarity: Golden (Common)
5 (or 2DN high – low) Merit: 1 Law: 1
Base stats: DOM 1R, VIG 1R, GRA 2R, CRE 2R, WIS 3R, PEA 2R, BLE 2R
Plot Armor: 0
Equipment: Generic blackboard (Tiny), Generic chalk (Tiny) Generic book (Tiny)
Loot: Scarlet Dye
Skills: Languages +2R
Behavior: Rational, gentle. Often flees when attacked unless cornered.
Combat Actions: Bicuspid Bite (Success Margin +1DN damage)
Speech Acts:

  • Scarlet Letters
    • Shoresh: לעת
    • Cost: 1 Merit or 1DN Liability
    • Rolls: User’s CRE vs. target’s PEA. No roll needed if target waives resistance.
    • Effect: Choose target: Target gains +2R when performing next offensive speech act.
    • Duration: Effect ends after the target performs the target speech act, or within one day, whichever happens first.

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