Ṭoref Scrambler

The Toref Scrambler can brainwash or disintegrate targets.

The Ṭoref Scrambler is a disintegration raygun invented by the great engineer Shem Perati, father of Shem ‘Etzem. Peraṭi made the original device, codenamed Haftarah, out of an automatic card shuffler and an egg beater. Peraṭi used it to mine otiyot letters from objects, combine them into new forms and bend the laws of time and space.

But the device’s sponsorship came from the occupying Bavel Macrostructure, and the government ended up claiming and abusing the technology. On stun, discharging this gun can scramble a target’s brains and confuse it. Pulling the trigger while on kill disintegrates the target into basic otiyot letters. Bavel leaders ultimately want to weaponize the Toref to profane the Holy Tongue.

The Ṭoref Scrambler is powered by the טפר shoresh family, which governs scramblers, eggbeaters, shufflers, items, discharges, triggers, decomposition, death, the Haftarah, confusion, termination, anagrams, chronograms and ritual impurity.




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