Ulpan Academy

The Ulpan Academy trains 'IRM soldiers.

Ulpan is the capital of ‘Aravot’s state of Alef. It’s home to the cattle on a thousand hills, as well as a military academy. Despite the academy’s prominent hilltop location, it’s frequently hidden by dark clouds of migratory serotine bats.

The Ulpan Academy boasts one of the most educated populations in Avgad. It trains ‘Ivrit Revival Movement recruits and researches military intelligence ciphers in a mysterious facility known as the Darkroom. A team of generals runs both the campus and the greater city. The community also has a strong athletic culture, and many enrollees become sports champions and coaches throughout ‘Aravot.

The Ulpan Academy comes from the אלפ shoresh family, which governs language schools, training, generals, champions, oxen, serotine bats, darkness and more.

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