Sheqaq Marketplace

The Shuq Marketplace offers whatever your heart desires.

The Sheqaq Marketplace will sell you the desires of your heart… if you can put up with all the racket!

This bustling shuq-style market is a small but popular commercial hub in Mattanah City. Many famous businesses vie for the privilege to rent a sackcloth vendor tent and reach some of the Bavel Macrostructure’s wealthiest customers. Just wear earplugs, because all the competing advertisements roar throughout the city square!

The Sheqaq Marketplace gets its power from the קקש shoresh family, which governs small markets, noise, bustling, sackcloth, desire and more.


Adam Ha-Rishon

Adam uses the alefbet to dominate the world.

Adam Ha-Rishon is the name of the first human being who lived in the world of Eretz.

The Milhamah lore about Adam is similar to the biblical account in Genesis, but being that “Milhamah” is a alternate linguistic world, it departs in a few ways. Adam was tasked by Ha-Shem to name all the creatures in the paradise of Gan ‘Eden, making him the first evaluator of all good names.

However, he lost his own good name when he ate from what he thought was the Semantic Tree, the Tree of Meaning, to gain a godlike comprehension of existence. However, not only did he disobey Ha-Shem, he erred and instead ate from the Syntax Tree.

Adam comes from the א-ד-ם shoresh.

Allied Plural Rifleman

The Allied Plural Rifleman can shoot in multiple directions.

Yariv Ribbui is the epitome of what a Plural Allied Rifleman should be: dedicated to upholding the ‘Aravot Covenant and civilization against the Covenant Violators.

These warriors are young men who were bred and taught to multitask. When exposed to the רבי shoresh root, they gain the power of sprouting clones. This comes in handy when fighting for the ‘Ivrit Revival Movement, since it lets a single soldier to amplify his presence on the battlefield and simultaneously fire in all directions. Furthermore, their eyes are trained to scope out enemies at great distances.

Yariv Ribbui and the Plural Allied Riflemen come from the ביר shoresh family, which govern plurals, civilization, multiplication, reproduction, rifle, alliances, covenants, scope extension and more.


Tikhon Brokerage and Secondary School

The Tikhon Brokerage and Secondary School attracts economics geniuses.

The Tikhon Brokerage and Secondary School is located near the center of ‘Aravot’s state of Alef. It is a high school for young geniuses, where they learn the economic arts of trading, acquisition and entrepreneurship. Graduates go on to form industries in ‘Aravot, often managing real estate or finances. Other grads become insiders who serve as information brokers for the ‘Ivrit Revival Movement or who carry out economic warfare against the Bavel Macrostructure.

The Tikhon is based on the תוך root/וכת family, which govern secondary schools, brokerages, and being in the middle or inside.

Qotev Polar Wasteland (בטק)

The Qoṭev is a polar wasteland.

Amid the lush, green hills and towering forests of ‘Aravot’s state of Alef, the frozen polar wasteland of Qoṭev exists. The sprouting of the long dormant shoresh roots changed the environment and climate throughout Avgad, and it caused the planet’s poles to shift too.

However, the site was also a devastated battleground between the Descriptivists and Prescriptivists decades ago, and the glowing green skies may not be an aurora, but residual radiation or pestilential miasma.

Qoṭev is another rumored site of a foundation letter artifact, tempting the Bavel Macrostructure into invading it. The few residents who dare live here try to excavate oil, whether from the ground or from any sparse vegetation.

Qoṭev belongs to the בטק shoresh family, which governs polarization, oil presses, destruction, pestilence, foundations and more.