Ḥamuṭal Teḥillah

Ḥamuṭal Teḥillah is the prefix.

Ḥamuṭal Teḥillah, the linguistic prefix, is a bundle of energy who cosplays as a kitty while fighting for the ‘Ivrit Revival Movement. Don’t let her kawaii looks fool you. She’s not afraid to earn some bandages, get dirty and prove that she’s better than a second-string rookie. Based on the חתל shoresh root and family, her fighting style relies on slash attacks and firing speedy ammo. She loves to take initiative and claw her way to the battle’s front lines. Though she becomes a scaredy-cat when she bites off more than she can chew. When she isn’t fighting, she burrows into her wardrobe and wraps herself in the latest fashion.

Shoresh: תחל
Base stats: DOM 2D, VIG 3D, GRA 4D, CRE 3D, WIS 1D, PEA 1D, BLE 2D
Speech Acts: 

Feline Frenzy (תחל)