Advancing in power or ranks in the “Milhamah” RPG doesn’t operate on traditional experience points. And gaining a level isn’t automatic just by grinding through killing a thousand slimes and rats.

A gained level is like a belt test in martial arts. It is bestowed on the worthy. Characters may progress from the lowest level, Level 1, to the pinnacle of enlightenment, Level 32.

The Narrator typically determines when it’s time for PCs to advance in rank. The following may be some good ideas or examples:

  • Winning an important battle against a powerful foe.
  • Finishing an objective or campaign successfully.
  • Figuring out a puzzle, plot twist or significant secret.
  • Discovering new territory in the land of Eretz, or finding rare and valuable shoresh roots.
  • Fulfilling quests given by NPCs.

Level-up bonuses should align with the story. A rank advancement triggered by a long bout of fighting should allow fresh character points go to attributes like DOM, GRA or VIG. A successful investigation into ancient words or secrets could advance CRE or WIS. Religious revelation or a divine encounter may elevate PEA or BLE. Winning over a king, a princess or a key contact may elevate BLE, PEA or GRA.

The same goes for skills. Ones that were used at key points during the campaign may be ripe for stronger modifiers to rolls, damage, range, duration, etc. These should happen at critical moments in the campaign, or upon the completion of a successful campaign. Also, certain skills gain access to alternate shoresh roots, which may be targeted on the fly to help rolls succeed.


Your character will have a color-coded ranking depending on how successful and experienced they are in the field. (Or should it be based on Bavel’s rating?) The ‘Ivrit Revival Movement ranks competence on a scale of 0 to 32 — new recruits are a 1.

Upon 32, a character is rumored to be ready to understand the weaknesses of yetzirah to defeat it.

  • Silver Turai (Ranks 1-4): Private
    • About as strong as an average adult but are total amateurs at fighting and combat.
    • Would freak out if dropped in a foreign land or in the wilderness without modern technology.
    • Downtrodden at worst or an average citizen at best
    • Mediocre in motivation and basically lives for today.
  • Gold Samal (Ranks 5-8): Sergeant
    • Characters receive some strength training and basic weapons skills or martial arts.
    • May have basic survival skills and street smarts
    • Has a small circle of reliable friends to fall back upon.
    • Wants to achieve the normal life script of a person in society.
  • Carnelian Nagad (Ranks 9-12): Warrant Officer
    • Has successfully fought in the ring or on the battlefield. Has learned to shrug off ordinary blows and keep fighting.
    • Is able to competently secure the survival essentials in a wilderness
    • Is well-regarded among a wide circle of friends and acquaintances.
  • Turquoise Qatzin (Ranks 13-16): Commissioned Officer
    • Is experienced in combat and has led or trained others to follow in battle.
    • Is able to survive in difficult environments like the arctic, desert, sea or jungle
    • Has a positive reputation as a pillar of the local community/social circle
  • Lapis Lazuli Segen (Ranks 17-20) Lieutenant
    • Is a leader of a sizable community and is famous or infamous in the region.
  • Sandalwood Seren (Ranks 21-24) Captain
  • Black Diamond Aluf (Ranks 25-28): General
    • These are the heroes of legend, the Chosen Ones who are called to save the world in times of crisis.
  • Ruby Rav: (Levels 29-32): Chief
    • Realistically, most warriors never rank this high during their lifetimes. Only the legendary masters ever reach this rank.
    • These character have mastered the secrets of the Tree and possess preternatural, semidivine strength. They can tangle with angels and live.
    • Is a legend beloved or feared by most and will be remembered for millennia later.
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