Analeptic Raisin Cake

The Analeptic Raisin Cake in color

The Analeptic Raisin Cake is a tempting treat that the Descriptivists used in combat. This confection, baked in ashes, is smeared with a stimulant drug that promotes physical strength, sharpened senses, recovery and pain relief. However, eating too many can cause flashbacks, epileptic seizures, or mystical hallucinations of pagan gods. The last reason is why the Sefer Yetzer Ra’ cult uses them as burnt offerings, fashioning them in the shape of Ishtar.

The Holy Tongue society bans the use of Analeptic Raisin Cakes among its members, though Etgar Toar still craves them when no one is looking.

The Analeptic Raisin Cake comes from the אשש shoresh root and family, which governs raisin cakes, fire and analeptics.

Type: Consumable: Food, Medicine
Shoresh: אשש
Gematria: 601
Size: Small (1 IU)
Uses: 1
Effect: User must roll PEA vs. a 4S difficulty threshold. If fail, user’s inclination drops one level. After roll, recovers 3DN Liability Points and +1R to all user’s attributes.
Duration: Attribute boost: 6 hours