Bavel City

Bavel City is the capital city of the Bavel Macrostructure and is a toxic site of tyranny and idolatry.

Places of interest:

  • Bavel Superstructure: While the Bavel elite live in towers, none are so grand or tall as the Superstructure, which is Beli Ya’al’s seat of government. It’s often known as the Ohel due to its tentlike shape, or maybe because people think “Oh, hell” when they look at it.
  • Giant image of Beli Ya’al: The 90-plus-foot-tall structure stands near the Superstructure and is made of precious metals and pottery. All residents are ordered by law to bow down to this idol and worship it as a god.
  • Gates: The 231 Gates of Bavel are massive lapis lazuli stone gates that contain portals.
  • Sewer network: Bavel City is built atop a massive sewage drainage and often smells like it. Many people in the Foundation and Basement castes are forced to live in tents in sewer tunnels.

Habitat: Urban, Freshwater (River)
The gardens of Bavel, which grow out of wastewater, include aloe and slenderleaf iceplant. Agarwood trees, Lulav
Fauna: Pyramid land snails, Bostryx snail
Technology: Jamming transmitters on all towers

Bavel City is powered by three main roots and related families: בוב, אלה, and בלל.