Bavel Macrostructure

Bavel destroys yet another word.

The Bavel Macrostructure is the main antagonist organization in “Milhamah: Fighting Words.” It is an all-encompassing, global empire that has dissolved all previous national governments through its linguistic imperialism.

The Macrostructure’s leader is the mysterious Beli Ya’al, and its seat of power is the Migdal Bavel tower in the city of Bavel. One of Bavel’s henchmen is Deli.

Just like ancient Babylon, the new Bavel Empire obsesses over space and its stars.

The Bavel Macrostructure in the comic

  • The Migdal Bavel is a rebuilt Tower of Babel that emits brainwashing frequencies that cancel rebellious words and thoughts.
  • Deli explains that Bavel’s purpose is to destroy all competing cultures, nations and religions.
  • As seen in this concept illustration of Moledet, Bavel’s flag is blue with brown stripes forming a tower.

The Bavel Macrostructure in the RPG


Bavel believes that the community, not God or truth, socially constructs and defines language to stay in power. They promote a cycle of totalitarianism that grinds down and weakens the wills of its subjects and constituents by forcing them to repeat obvious lies.


Bavel uses the Sefer Yetzer Ra’ as its blueprint for destroying ‘Ever and the Holy Tongue Society.