Bear Rover

The Bear is cruising on a rover.Roving Bear B&W

Bear Rover, Bear Rover, send Bavel on over!

This bear rides an exploration vehicle through the market streets of Mattanah to boost the people’s passion to buy and consume. The bear’s megaphone loudspeakers roar out the latest sales on items like Dumpling Bundles.

The speakers also blast Bavel propaganda over the din of the bustling shoppers, with the ursine enforcer there to intimidate anyone who dares not swear loyalty to the regime.

The Bear Rover is powered by the שקק shoresh root, which deals with rovers, bear grunts, roaring, noise, bustling, street markets, longings, oaths and more.

Kind: Beast
Shoresh: שקק
Gematria: 500
Habitat: Urban
Threat: Lv. 1
Liability: 9 (or 3DN) Merit: Law:
Base stats: DOM 4R, VIG 3R, GRA 2R, CRE 1R, WIS 0R, PEA 0R, BLE 3R
Skills: Business +1R, Coercion +1R