Brawling is a skill that characters use to engage in hand-to-hand combat or martial arts. Punches, kicks, backhands, elbows, knees, headbutts, grappling, takedowns… all of it is included, no holds barred.

Shoresh: גרי, זחל,
Alternative shorashim:
Usually one round
Stats used:
Usually DOM when trying to subdue or destroy a target. VIT is usually used more for athletic and defensive forms of martial arts. In some cases, use GRA when a melee technique is convincingly described acrobatically. SHA may be used when trying to subdue a foe with minimal damage.
Melee can become more difficult if the user is fatigued, prone or suffers from another status ailment.
Resist skills: Usually Melee or Dodge.
Success: Depending on the degree of success, the user manages to attack and damage the target. Massive successes, or successes against a botch, may cause critical damage to the point of incapacitating or even killing the target.
Depending on the degree of failure, the user’s attack misses, or is parried or blocked. A severe failure or a botch may mean the user hurts oneself or is open to a counterattack.