Character generation

Character generation is the process of a player making a character agent, an avatar that interacts with the Narrator’s game world.

To generate a character, a player does the following:

1. Name and appearance

Select your character’s name/appearance. Pick a shoresh root from the index and then add the vowels to it to make your character’s true last name. You may do the same to create a first name, or use the same shoresh to get two Locutions from the same shoresh

Also, briefly describe your character’s kind, gender, age, body frame, skin color, hairstyle, hair color, eye color and identifying marks like facial hair, moles, tattoos and scars.

If you incorporate any elements from the shoresh index in your character’s appearance, alert the Narrator. If the Narrator agrees, you may get at least 1 merit point per similarity.

2. Archetype and vocation

In Milhamah, an archetype reflects the part of speech that resonates most with your character.

3. Flesh out background

Your background includes your nation, affiliation, bonds and alignment.

4. Blessings and curses

5. Attributes

There are two main ways to assign attributes, skills and more to a player character. The first way is randomly. Roll 8D and assign the results of each face based on the following rubric:

Die faceMeaning
א (A-1)SHA+1 or Wind resistance +1
ב (B-2)WIS+2
ג (G-3)BLE +2
ד (D-4)CRE +2
ה (H-5)Speech skill +3
ו (W-6)WIS +1 or Thought skill +3
ז (Z-7)GRA +1 or Movement skill +2
ח (H-8)CRE +1 or Vision skill +3
ט (T-9)Hearing skill +3
י (Y-10)DOM +1 or Action skill +3
כ (K-20)LIF +2
ל (L-30)CRE +1 or Touch skill +3
מ (M-40)+1 water resistance or Merit point +1
נ (N-50)BLE +1 or Smell skill +3
ס (S-60)Sleep skill +3
ע (O-70)DOM +1 or Temper skill +3
פ (P-80)DOM +2
צ (Tz-90)LIF +1 or Taste skill +3
ק (Q-100)Mirth skill +3
רSHA +2
ש+1 fire resistance or +1 Liability point
תGRA +2

6. Skills and locutions

Choose your skills based on archetype/vocation and background.

7. Wealth and equipment