A character in Milhamah is similar to an actor in a movie, TV show or play. One has certain dreams, goals or motives that propel their actions in the story. They often fit an archetype that sums up their nature, as well as a vocation that explains their role in the military or society.

Characters belong to some sort of kind that explains their species or heritage, as well as a gender. They also usually have a backstory that explains their roots, history, feelings and abilities.

They usually have an affiliation to certain nations or organizations, and they have a creed or philosophical outlook known as alignment. Their blessings are background character virtues and advantages, and their curses are their vices and flaws.

Characters’ aptitude is loosely tied to their rank, which ranges from a weak 1 to a mighty 32. Characters gain ranks by solving puzzles, defeating foes, gaining social status, exploring new territories and more.

They also share a common set of seven attributes that explain how competent they are at doing general actions. Their specialties are reflected as skills. Attributes and skills have numerical values that grant players a certain number dice and rolls to be successful at whatever they during critical parts of the story.

Characters also have a set level of Liability points that they can absorb, through wounds or traumas, before they are incapacitated or dead. They gain Merit points through excellent roleplaying, critical successes, completing missions or as the Narrator whims.

Players craft new characters through Character generation.