Delusional Lube

The Delusional Lube creates patterns that are worshipped as foreign gods

INKTOBER DAY 25 (SPLAT) Don’t stare at the sheen of the Delusional Lube!

This odious oil can sprays a grease that splotches on contact to form disturbing Rorschach-style inkblot shapes. Staring at these figures for too long, or getting the oil in the eyes, will cause dangerous hallucinations that harass the victim and cause overwhelming anger, lust or disgust.

Although the Bavel Macrostructure’s troops use the Delusional Lube as a chemical weapon, some fanatics worship the lube’s figures as theophanies. When doing so, Bavel’s libertine priests and temple prostitutes sprinkle the oil on the altar of the Mesopotamian goddess Nanshe.

The Delusional Lube comes from the נזי shoresh root and related family, which govern spattering, altar-sprinkling priests, oilcans, repugnance, prostitution, adultery, worshiping foreign gods and more.