Dumbkuchen (Baumkuchen of Stupidity)

Dumbkuchen lowers the Wisdom of whoever eats it.

The Dumbkuchen, aka the Baumkuchen of Congealed Stupidity, is a brain-baking confection of confusion. A syrupy glop of stupidity tops this pulpy tree cake. But despite its earthy aroma, eating it is not a good idea! Anyone who takes a bite will see a drop in Wisdom!

Milhamah RPG stats

Shoresh: אול
Gematria: 37
Type: Consumable: Food
Size: Small
Duration: Four hours after use
Effect: Consumer is WIS -2D while duration lasts. Satiates Medium-sized consumer for duration. As bait, NPC characters of WIS < 2D or PEA < 2D must roll WIS or PEA resistance the first time they notice it. If the roll fails, they eat the Dumbkuchen.