Etgar Toar

Etgar Toar

Etgar Toar (אתגר תואר) is an explorer and scout for the Holy Tongue Society.

Etgar lives in the present and is hungry for new horizons and experiences. His eagle eye identifies enemies and items (even from far away) based on their profiles and descriptions. He also has an artistic and cultured side.

In Milhamah #1

Etgar meets Shem at the Binyan’s cafeteria. At the time, he was in the dark about Shem’s bone powers, only previously seeing Shem’s holy form. Shem wore an adventurer’s disguise to keep his own hidden past secret.

At the end of Issue #1, Etgar teams up with Tiqwah to head underground and search for Shem. With Tiqwah’s help, he rescues Shem from Deli’s ultimate attack with a well-timed pistol shot.