Exploding dice

Exploding dice is a term that describes certain rolls that alter the rules on “wild” die results.

Certain weapons, shoresh skills, bonuses and buffs may give you an exploding dice roll.

In such a case, after a roll is thrown, each Wild die cast automatically counts as a success and allows the player to roll an additional die to the pool.

Example: Player David’s character Negen uses a musical instrument (SHA +1 exploding) to fight a Golem. David’s base shalom attribute score is 2, and he gets a +1 bonus for having the skill Perform and another +1 bonus from the actual Negen shoresh. So in total, he gets four attempts to reach or surpass the נגנ shoresh threshold.
David needs a נגנ shoresh and rolls:

*  * ג ח ק ש כ פ

David gets one solid success with the ג. While normally we could end his turn with 1 success since the two wild dice would normally count toward his threshold but not as successes.

However, with exploding dice, they do count as successes, so David ends his first roll with 3 successes, and he freezes and sets aside the two wilds and the ג.

In addition, David may add two more dice to his pool for his next roll, based on the 2 wild rolls.